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The New Generation of Quick Change Artists Petrosyan's duo that could be described as magical fashion show could designate.

Within 2 minutes, Victoria switches clothes so often than Madonna during an entire tour. Sos and Victoria Petrosyan are performing an extraordinary act. And they‘re fast – very fast. They have to be, since time is always working against them...

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Sos-Entertainment. International Magic Show. Although they are very active in other fields of magic, too: Just think of their truly poetic presentation of the floating and dancing cane. Or think of their most original interpretation of grand illusions.

Hardly ever before the art of quick change magic has been seen as perfect, as professional
and as elegant, not to mention their originality and sheer virtuosity...

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Quick Change Artistry and High Class Magic  "Haute Couture". A Quick Change act is one of the most expensive and most impressive illusion effects that there is.

Since the inception of this new act, Sos and Victoria have appeared several times on the world famous French television show of Patrick Sebastian "Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde" as well as the international TV special "BEST OF."

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2014 Sos & Victoria Petrosyan
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