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The Story about Sos & Victoria Petrosyan

Sos and Victoria Petrosyan are performing an extraordinary act. And they‘re fast – very fast. They have to be, since time is always working against them. 

Hardly ever before the art of quick change magic has been seen as perfect, as professional and as elegant, not to mention their originality and sheer virtuosity. 

Sos and Victoria Petrosyan have created a unique act, the quick change has become their signature piece. Although they are very active in other fields of magic, too: Just think of their truly poetic presentation of the floating and dancing cane. Or think of their most original interpretation of grand illusions. Another fine example is their version of the „little magician“.

Sos Petrosyan was born Yerevan in May 27 th 1972, Sos' father (Sos Petrosyan –senior) After seeing a show by the Great Russian clown Leonid Engiboarov, gave up his legal career and made up his mind instead to get into circus and is now the General Director of the Armenian State Circus, Doctor-Professor of Art.

From very early he began to teach Sos junior, the basic skills of music, pantomime, acrobatics, dance and gymnastics, that would eventually sculpt his career and would form the base for his proficiency in juggling and magic. Leonid Engibarow predicted that the young Petrosyan would write a remarkable future for himself. By the age of four Sos's talent could no longer go unnoticed. In 1976 a documentary entitled “The Small Star” was produced about him. Sos has appeared in feature film roles, one of his best being in the film “Melancholy” in 1988. His mother Jemma could afford to give the boy an excellent education. At the age of six Sos was accepted at the famed Bolshoi School of Ballet where he studied eleven years. He excelled at dancing and choreography receiving a professional diploma for both.

Sos developed a new act called “Juggler with drums” which took top prizes at many festivals and competitions across the USSR including winning ‘Grand Prix' at the famed Juaniba world competitions at Riga in 1990, and ‘ First Place ' at the Moscow festival “Chance” in 1991. Encouraged by the legendary Russian clown Jury Nikulin, Sos entered his unique act in the 1991 World Youth Circus festival “Cirque de Demain” in Paris . His performance “stopped the show” receiving the prestigious “Prix de Michael Ox”. On his return home Sos was booked to present his award winning act in more than 28 states including famous festivals in Monte-Carlo, Paris, Moscow and Budapest.

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In 2000, inspired by the famous illusionist Arturo Brachetti, Sos set out to create a new presentation based on traditional Russian Quick Change Illusion combining all of his skills and abilities with high tech choreography, lighting and special effects. The “New Generation of Quick Change” act that currently takes him and Victoria, to the world's most prestigious venues was thus born.

The performance of lightning fast Quick Costume Change combined with with hip dance moves insures that the Transformation Show of Sos and Victoria Petrosyan will always be one spectacular performance! A Quick Change Transformation act is one of the most expensive and most impressive illusion effects that there is. Sos and Victoria live for Quick Change…
Victoria Petrosyan was born Moscow in July 9 th 1978. During her childhood she often visited Jury Nikulin's Circus where her parents have worked until today. Victoria 's father, Vladimir Tarasov is the General Technical Director and her mother Elena the light designer. Hoping their daughter would become a lawyer, they enrolled Victoria into the Moscow University of Jurisprudence.

However, in 2000, Victoria's life changed dramatically. Together with Sos Petrosyan, she began to create a new program, ‘The New Generation of Quick-Change'. Performing this act, Victoria has won the hearts of the public with her artistry, beauty and grace. At one moment Victoria appears in a sexy day dress and then, in the wink of an eye, she stands in an elegant evening gown! Victoria stuns the audience with her unbelievable speed, as she transforms from one elegant look to the next.

Sos and Victoria have taken the art of Quick-Change Transformation to an all new height. Their performance is nothing short of breath-taking as they present the super modern version of a traditional craft that won them 1 st prize at the stage festival in Moscow and the “Gold Medal” at the magic competition in Paris. Sos & Victoria have been working energetically on a Quick Change act since 1996. Sos who worked for months in collaboration with Italian and French fashion designers, designed the elaborate expensive costumes. In the year 2000 the couple presented the finished act. The costumes used at any one time in the show have to be prepared for two hours before. The couple share the two hours as follows: directly before the show it takes both of them approximately 40 minutes to dress. In doing so every pull has to be in the CORRECT (!) position. The couple always has the second complete set of costumes, before the Show, in case if something happen with original ones. After the show the costumes are prepared for an hour for the next performance. An additional time is taken up with small repairs. The couple always has the sewing machine with them. The individual costumes however can not be used for ever. They must be renewed every six months. Only some costumes may be used for a maximum of a year.

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