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sos_petrosyan_jugglerIn 1990, after finishing his term at the Bolshoi Theater choreographic school, Sos Petrosyan wowed French audiences at the world famous Festival in Paris “Cirque de Domain” where he presented an artistic creation that was based on his already established juggling number of his father with drums and hats.

With a keen eye, Mr. Petrosyan managed to combine the synthesis of ballet and the difficulty of juggling as a single, combined product of art achieving the unintentional result of having the artistic element of the performance outshine his already well established technical mastery. The creation of this act has taken Petrosyan to new heights, earning him spots in such prestigious venues as Festivals Monte-Carlo, Budapest, Moscow and Riga.

This success has not slowed his creativity; however, as in 2003 he produced yet another talented version of his act.

In a complete change of direction, Sos presented himself as a common office worker who performs amazing feats while seemingly at his work station. In this presentation Sos completes his routines with perfection while sitting in his chair, working at his computer, reading the newspaper and, of course, drinking coffee. With the perfect touch, wife, Victoria, is interwoven into the presentation.

This original presentation has thus far taken Sos Petrosyan to venues in 28 countries.

2014 Sos & Victoria Petrosyan
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