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The performance of lighting fast quick-change combined modern dance moves insures that the transformation show of Sos and Victoria Petrosyan will always be one spectacular performance!

Europe's best designers have created for them a literal "fashion line" of divine costumes that appear to be nothing less than "haute couture" in complete disguise of the Quick-Change mechanisms.

During her elegant romp the vivacious Victoria transforms from one elegant look to the next, stunning the audience with unbelievable speed! At one moment she dances in a sexy day dress then, in the wink of an eye, she stands in an elegant evening gown!

Sos and Victoria have taken the art of Quick-Change to an all new height. Their performance is nothing short of breath-taking as they present the super modern version of a traditional craft that won them 1 st prize at the stage festival in Moscow and the “Gold Medal” at the magic competition in Paris.

2014 Sos & Victoria Petrosyan
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