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Quick Costumes Change Book 2

Women's Dress Transformation

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92 Pages in Hardcover - 49 Euro

 Quick Chnage Book 2





All you need to know about Quick Change
by Sos & Victoria Petrosyan

Quick Change Transformation, Part 2. Women's Dress Transformation

For the first time ever, the World’s leading Quick Change couple explains their professional and original techniques.
With this book, you’ll be able to create your own Quick Change costume wardrobe.

In the July issue of M A G I C magazine, you read about the wonderful art of Sos & Victoria Petrosyan. Now you can see their videos online. And learn from them in their new book which teaches their professional and most refreshing approach to perform the art of quick change.

Ready for shipping: Quick Change Transformation by Sos & Victoria Petrosyan. For the first time ever the well-known couple explains their professional and original techniques for performing quick change. With this book, you'll furnish your own quick change costumes easily.

In every detail and easily understandable they describe their original techniques. In this first volume, they deal with the complete change of a women‘s dress on 92 pages. Future volumes will contain other quick changes. Each book is published two lingual: English and Russian - accompanied by many photographs, leaving no questions open.

In this book you will learn:
You'll learn all the important details and well-kept secrects that allow you to sew a lightning and most visual transformation of a women's dress. Before you can perform quick change magic, you will have to study this book intensively. You will have to prepare the clothes, and you must practise the presentation.

Ab sofort lieferbar: Quick Change Verwandlung von Sos & Victoria Petrosyan. Das weltberühmte Künstlerduo (u.a. Guinness World Record mit 16 Kostümen in nur 2 Minuten) veröffentlicht erstmals seine Originaltechniken. Nach der Lektüre sind Sie in der Lage, innerhalb kürzester Zeit Ihre eigenen Quick Change Kostüme anzufertigen.

Quick Change Verwandlung, Teil 2. Verwandlung von Damenkleidung

von Sos & Victoria Petrosyan

In Teil 2 der Buchserie (englisch, russisch) mit 92 Seiten und unzähligen Fotos finden Sie die genaue Anleitung zum Schneidern einer blitzschnellen und visuellen Herrenanzug-Verwandlung.
Geheimnisse, die bisher nicht zugänglich erschienen, eröffnen Ihnen jetzt ein breites Spektrum an Möglichkeiten im Quick Change-Genre. Ein Buch mit exklusiven Profi-Geheimnissen.

Folgendes lernen Sie in diesem Buch...

Stimmen zu diesem Buch:
„Sos und Victoria Petrosyan gehören für mich zur Weltelite der Verwandlungskünstler. Man kann von ihrer Erfahrung nur profitieren.“ - Topas, Weltmeister Manipulation
 "Gratulation zum Ihrem Buch. Ich habe es in meine Sammlung aufgenommen und wünsche Ihnen auch in Zukunft recht viel Erfolgmit Ihrer Show." - Peki / Peter Kinnigkeit

See what Sos and Victoria explain in this book...

What others say about this book:

  - To me, Sos and Victoria Petrosyan are among the world elite of quick change artists. Anyone can profit from their experience.

Topas, World Champion in Manipulations

  - after a short view I must say: I know 25 systems of tear away. Your "Clumsy Loop" is one of the most clever system. Your thinking is up side down!!! Very very brilliant. Your second book is a masterpiece! Really!  Tomorrow evening I have a long day to read. Thank you
  - This book is a masterpiece in technical Quick Change literature. There many tips for beginners and professionals. The book is filled with clear instructions, photos and very usable incredible methods and fine details. It has to be read several times for complete understanding. It is a great experience to following their thinking. The "Clumsy Loop" is the most small tear away seam I ever see and the system for redirection "The Elastic Band Pull" is a revolution for clean stages and for hiding magical secrets.
Highly recommended for serious students of this art and professionals. This book of secrets has to be hided in a deep treasury 1000 feet below the pyramids in Gizeh".

Lex Schoppi

Dear Victoria and Sos

 - I didn't know too much about the techniques of the dresses and have learned a lot from your book.
It is well written and easy to understand. Thank you

Eric Eswin
FISM - International President

Sos and Victoria,
  It is a first class job of production and for anyone interested in doing a quick change act, both of your books are a bargain. Anyone who is considering adding quick-change to their act could save themselves countless hours of experimentation by purchasing a copy of Quick Change Transformations by Sos & Victoria. Night after night I watched this dynamic team stun the audience with their incredible act. Now, here are the real secrets behind this most magical and visual effect. Thank you

Mike Caveney

Dear Sos and Victoria,

  - Just wanted to let you know that I've received the books!
Thanks a lot.. it's been a while i've been looking for something like this.

Thanks and regards.

Ramon Santos.

Please note...
Our price includes the 7% VAT!
Save your copy today!



Quick Change Book

Full instruction

Quick Change Book 2




For the first time ever, the World’s leading Quick Change
  couple explains their  professional and original techniques.
   With these books, you’ll be able to create your own unlimited
      Quick Change Costumes in no time at all!

Quick Change Transformation Books
Part 1 - Men‘s Suit Transformation. A 96 page hard cover book filled with details &
 illustration on how to compose & perform a lightning fast visual transformation
for a Men. (in English, German and Russian).
Part 2 - Women‘s Dress Transformation. A 96 page hard cover book filled with details
& illustration on how to compose & perform a lightning fast visual transformation
for a Women. (in English and Russian).

    Chapters Include:                                                              
Design & Sewing
Weights & Inserts
Fitting and Set-up
Men‘s Suit Transformation
Women‘s Dress Transformation
How long does this process take?
How to perform the Quick Change
The Fishing Line Release Mechanism
The “Clumsy Loops” & Magical Zipper
Preparation of the Costumes & Presentation
Selection of Fabrics & Construction of the Act
Hooks & Loops and Press Studs (Snaps) method
Secrets that were once in­accessible are now open up to you, offering a wide spectrum of opportunities
in the  costume change genre.
These two books with exclusive and professional
secrets are available online at www.SosMagic.com

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